CORONAVIRUS: Two-million peso pledge to support the Zapatista COVID-19 response!

You can help save lives in Zapatista communities during the Coronavirus pandemic!  And right now, with the generous support from a few families, you can double your contribution! This is huuuuuuge! Thank you in advance for your contribution of any amount.

If you cannot donate at this time, we welcome your support in helping us spread the word. You can help us develop ideas and share the message by signing up on this form!!

On March 16, 2020 the Zapatistas wrote: “we exhort everyone everywhere, (men, women, and transgender people) in Mexico and the world, to take the scientifically-based sanitary measures necessary to allow us to move forward and get through this pandemic alive.”  Click here to read the Zapatistas’ words about their Coronavirus pandemic response (now translated into various languages).

In that moment, Schools for Chiapas committed to raising a million pesos to support Zapatista autonomous health services. As of late April, Schools for Chiapas reached the ONE MILLION PESO mark. Zapatista leadership was extremely encouraged to hear of this solidarity. But reports from rural Mexico continue to reveal the inadequacy of health services to meet the needs of the population,  and as we have seen in the U.S. the virus is not going away anytime soon. So we have decided to double our pledge.

Please support the rural autonomous Mayan communities of Chiapas, Mexico in addressing this public health challenge where the lack of running water, poor nutrition, and limited access to medicines make the coronavirus.

Just write your donation amount in the box below,  and scroll down to add to cart and proceed to checkout. Thank you for supporting Zapatista autonomous communities in this critical time!



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