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Give the gift of education in Chiapas, Mexico to a loved-one who cares about social justice, education, and indigenous peoples. Zapatista schools are designed and run according to Mayan languages and cosmovisión by the communities themselves, and staffed by local educators. These community-run schools offer a unique beacon of hope, for the empowerment, critical thinking and collective vision that they instill. On-going educational work throughout Chiapas is dedicated to literacy, health, agro-ecology, women’s empowerment, and fairer-trade commercialization.

Additionally, our collaborations with other organizations in resistance promise great opportunity for developing a center of higher learning in community health, human rights, and land and territory for students in resistance. Please stay tuned for more information!

In 2023, your contribution to Mayan educational programs will support not only school construction, but materials and educational endeavors in the classroom of life (agroecology, health, collective production, etc.)

Thank you for supporting autonomous education!



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