Women’s Advancement

Give a Gift of Change to support new frontiers for Zapatista women in the coming year!

Thanks to your contributions, in November of 2019, we purchased materials for Zapatista women electricians to illuminate their dormitories and auditoriums for the historic Second International Gathering of Women Who Struggle . For this event, the compañeras convened over 4,000 women from over 50 countries to address the somber topic of violence against women. And they did it all themselves.  The organization, the building, the installation of electricity, and the operation of all communications/media equipment was all done by Zapatista women —  inspirational in their skill, humility, grace and wisdom.

In an early October communiqué, the Zapatistas announced they will be setting out into the world to visit 5 continents, beginning with Europe. “The Zapatista delegations will be constituted principally by women, not just because they want to reciprocate the embrace they received in earlier international gatherings, but also for we Zapatista men to make clear that we are what we are and we aren’t what we aren’t thanks to them, for them, and with them.”

Your donations to this fund right now will go to support Mayan women in resistance for 2021.

We also encourage you to strengthen the economies that support women, by purchasing from our online store!




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