Women’s Organizing and Autonomy

From the defense of their families to the defense of seeds, to the struggle against environmental devastation, women lead the way in this struggle for Mother Earth!

Your donations to this fund go to supporting the organizing processes of indigenous women in resistance. These gathering are an essential space for women in protecting one another and also in building strategies for the defense of territories. Most recently we are honored to have supported the IV Assembly of the Movement of Women for the Defense of Mother Earth and Our Territories, September 15-17th in Palenque. Be it for food, logistics, or transportation from the far rural corners of the state, we look forward to supporting another assembly in February of 2024.  

“We indigenous women are fighting, we recognize that we are being violated by this patriarchal system, but we also have a voice and we are also organizing ourselves.”

Support indigenous women in resistance! 


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In August, your donations contributed significantly to the Fourth Meeting of Women of the National Indigenous Congress. Read more about the historical precedent of this gathering here. This articulation of resistances against corporate capitalism and patriarchy lays the groundwork for our collective struggle for life. 

Your support will yield opportunities for women to gather, organize and build autonomy!

Mom, daughter, wife, partner — give a Gift of Change to a woman that you love!

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