Women’s Empowerment / Water Storage Tank

Your Gift of Change made here will support the Zapatista women organizing the “Second International Gathering of Women who Struggle” with a new water tank for their upcoming gathering.

Water is priceless and the upcoming women’s gathering will need lots of it for all those visiting women.  Your donation will help make a new water storage tank available in the Zapatista center where the gathering is to be held.  https://schoolsforchiapas.org/donate/store/

Aretesan sales of Zapatista women products are still available throughout our online store.  Zapatista women are often tasked with of bringing cash into the community. First and foremost, they often take primary responsibility for obtaining clothing and addressing health needs – both of which often require cash. In addition, artistic production can often take place while women are carrying out other work and Zapatista women have been very creative at initiating small sales operations including bakeries, herbal gardens, and used clothing.

Schools for Chiapas purchases most of the sales items for our online store directly from Zapatista women’s cooperatives and from individual women producers. We pay the full asking price and pride a much needed source of income to women throughout the state of Chiapas. Often our sales occure far off the beaten track, allowing women who have little access to markets a chance to sell their goods.

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