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“Sendas – the paths on which we find one another, the paths of listening, of mutual support, the paths of synergistic efforts and of serendipity. By virtue of our quest for a different and better world, we open ourselves to other possibilities, and together we build.”

What is Sendas?

Sendas is a gathering place, a cultural café, a library of social movements and popular communication; screening (projection) and meeting room; a store for artisanry and popular graphics; a distribution center of rural cooperatives in resistance; a space for the collaboration of solidarity economies between cooperatives and collectives; and why not, a space for popular arts.

Sendas is a point of confluence aimed at sparking the encounter –the encounter between projects and individuals who have chosen paths that lead them here — paths taken which lead us to the encounter with others, and with ourselves. 

Sendas is an initiative that has a past and a present, and which intends to build a future. Sendas is an invitation to meet, to converge, to share, to consume consciously, to strengthen economies in resistance, that is, necessary economies. Our resistances cannot grow if we do not create the necessary dynamics to support cooperative, collective and creative processes.

Opening day photo of the entrance to Sendas, September 4th 2022.

It is a great honor for Schools for Chiapas to collaborate in the creation of a space which aims to advance just economies and to promote awareness of our common struggle – the Struggle for Life. This struggle, born in the mountains and jungles of Southeast Mexico, which has inspired and catalyzed movements across the globe, continues in the dignified autonomy of communities in resistance. Together with ImagenArte we are creating Sendas to walk beside those communities, supporting their economies, and learning from their caminar.

ImagenArte, with over a decade of promoting the work of collectives in resistance, seeks to expand the benefits of commercialization to even more community collectives. Schools for Chiapas, having long-sourced products of our online store from these connections, seeks also to extend these economies, and by way of that commerce, to extend awareness of their/our work.

But commercialization is not all. Sendas is a space of aprendizaje mutuo (shared learning), an alchemical environment of popular art, film, academic and literary resources, and gathering spaces to support the exchange of ideas, skills, knowledge and creativity. It is a space for the intercambio between worlds, where communities in resistance can share their journeys, connect with one another and build together. “Sendas is a collective effort of many resistances, persistences and popular projects.”

And so we invite you to visit this space, virtually and also physically, and to learn with us.

Your support of this project goes to expand our efforts to strengthen networks of resistance, and to  amplify our ongoing work in Education for Peace and Solidarity (here online and in San Cristóbal) in defense of human rights, autonomy, dignity and life.

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