Sendas, in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas is a cultural space for art, education and building autonomies. At the heart of our work, Sendas is a place for people to gather in ways that enrich our humanity. There we hold bi-weekly seminars and orient volunteers and human rights observers. Collaboratively we host book releases, community conversations, cinema nights and music. But also, Sendas is our base of operations for fostering economic opportunities and autonomy through sustainable collective projects in the communities. 

Your Gift of Change today supports all of the aspects of this multi-faceted project! 

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“Each person has an origin and during their life they choose the routes and paths that complete them. Sendas is a meeting place for those of us who walk in search of justice and who are inspired by the struggles of originary peoples as a motivation to build other possible worlds. Sendas is a place of encounter, dialogue and a materialization of another form of social and economic exchange.

We believe that the paths to justice will be wider and more vigorous if they are walked collectively.”



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