Global Call to Action: Our Struggle is for Life!

-Campaign in solidarity with Zapatista communities! We demand an end to the war against Nuevo San Gregorio!
-We demand an end to the violence that is allowed and supported by the three levels of Mexican government!
-Please join us today! January 19-January 30th, 2022

III Report of the Caravan of Solidarity and Documentation with the Zapatista Autonomous Community of Nuevo San Gregorio

Held on January 08 and 09, 2022 Organizations, collectives and networks adhering to the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle: We present our report to communicate, disseminate and denounce the continued aggressions, threats, and harassment perpetrated by the group of “Los 40” – invaders targeting girls, boys, men and women of the autonomous Zapatista community of Nuevo San […]

Armed Group Kills Indigenous Man in Aldama, Population Reports Use of Explosives

Lorenzo Gómez Ruiz was murdered this Monday morning in the municipality of Aldama. The Tsotsil indigenous man was shot in the right side when he was on his way to his farm in the Stzelejpotobtic community. The attack occurred in the context of the increasing number of armed attacks against the population of this municipality, where the population reports the use of explosives against them.