Movements in the Post Pandemic Period

Raul Zibechi shares reflections on how we must face the state of society as we find it today. “We owe it to ourselves in these difficult moments to have a profound debate about the ways to confront the war from above. Without giving up or selling out, but taking the paths that allow us to avoid the war and continue building without falling into provocations.”

A World Without A Hegemonic Power

Raul Zibechi points out that in this moment, those of us below must not distract ourselves with the circus above but rather, take root in the cracks of the crumbling hegemony and set our sights on autonomy.

From the Struggle for Land to the Caracoles

This alternative society has taken shape in the Caracoles. In them is the synthesis of both the deep and subterranean history of peasants and indigenous people for land and autonomy, as well as their willingness and power to build another world.