Support Urgently Needed for Displaced and Threatened Communities!

Urgent!!! We call on all of our support to give now to this urgent campaign. 
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Urgent!!! We call on all of our support to give now to this urgent campaign. 

Your Gift of Change will go to support families who have been violently displaced from their homes.

In the past two years, several of the border regions in the state of Chiapas have fallen into the cracks between ruthless cartels vying for power and the complicity of state authorities. In the beginning of this year, this crisis has come to a terrifying head. Currently thousands of families who do not want to be conscripted into the service of the cartels are being forced to flee their homes, leaving animals, livelihoods and all their worldly belongings behind.
In support of an effort by Caritas, we are accepting donations which will provide food, shelter, clothing, and basic supplies are needed to address the crisis unraveling in the border regions in Chiapas.

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Your generous Gift of Change now can immediately send donations to families whose lives have been turned upside-down by cartel violence.  These donations will be accumulated to support the fund established by Caritas. Thank you!

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