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Health, as we know is about the whole community. It is about water, about nutrition, about prevention and about the plants that we can forage and grow right in our own climate. Facing alarming climate change and other community health threats, organized communities seek to build and sustain the collective knowledge that has been shared generation after generation to prevent disease and support their well-being. 

We work to bring resources to this re-invigoration of  knowledge of medicinal plants and preventive medicine, as well as workshops in new techniques and technologies.

Your Gift of Change will provide support to workshops, supplies and equipment for community promoters and autonomous health clinics as needed by health promoters to protect their communities. 

Thank you for donating to community health autonomy at this critical time!


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Gifts of Change for autonomous health support materials and training for community health promoters, and buy supplies and equipment for “Casas de Salud” and autonomous clinics. Addressing priorities as they arise, we support training in practices in building botanical apothecaries and preventive medicine, managing communicable disease, water and insect-borne pathogens, and maternity.

To share a few ideas of supplies your Gift might provide:

  • $16 – otoscope
  • $17 – blood pressure cuff with stethoscope.
  • $46 – glucometer
  • $96 – fully stocked paramedic first aid kit
  • $396 – autoclave for sterilizing surgical equipment

Give a Gift of Change today to support community health autonomy!

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