Give Gifts of Change Today!

Zapatista girl in blue shirt

Your Gift of Change is a direct donation to support Zapatista communities in their daily effort to build a new and better world. Schools for Chiapas sponsors a wide variety of projects, from including school construction, GMO testing, women’s artisan cooperatives, and programs for emergency medical treatment. Browse the complete Gifts of Change catalog.

Grandma hugs trees?  Dad is a teacher?  Your mom spends half her life growing organic veggies and opposes GMOs? Your best friend is a musician and your girlfriend is a doctor?  Don’t worry.  We have you covered – just send them a colorful Gift of Change certificate! It’s a perfect gift for any occasion!

Or… let us decide.  Apply your gift where it will do the most good and we’ll put your donation to use where it’s most needed!

As a part of every gift to Schools for Chiapas, you have the option to give the gift in someone’s name. Your gift will help to build a world where, as the Zapatistas say, all worlds fit.

When you choose to make a Gift of Change in someone else’s name, you can instantly email them a beautiful personalized certificate explaining your gift. As always, your gifts are tax deductible.