Blogging for Chiapas

Internal Colonialism and Autonomy

Raúl Romero
Recovering critical and dialectical thinking in light of the great theories, and always listening to the voice and actions of the peoples, brings us to imagine and create alternatives to the relations of exploitation and domination that we face under this system. The struggle for emancipation is happening at all levels — local, national, regional and global. From this complexity of interrelations, we must assume that there are several ways out.

Chimalapas, Chima Triumph

by Luis Hernández Navarro
The real driving force behind the the territorial boundary dispute between Oaxaca and Chiapas in the Chimalapas jungle is the conflict between the Zoque community members (los Chimas) who defend their lands and natural resources, and the Chipanecan loggers, cattlemen, politicians and narcotraffickers, who plunder and attack the indigenous communities.

Greed is the Name of the Game

Meanwhile, the poles and glaciers melt and drain into the sea, the coasts are inundated, the most beautiful forests and jungles burn. To top it all, for the benefit of those who seek to extract and extract and extract material to consume it.