Blogging for Chiapas

Solidarity Caravan January 2021

To the Indigenous Governing Council;To the National Indigenous Congress;To the national and international human rights organizations;To the free, independent, autonomous media or whatever they are called;To the national and international media;To public opinion;To organized civil society: The observation and solidarity caravan made up of organizations, collectives, and individual persons, adherents to the Sixth Declaration of […]

Of Violence and Government Inaction

Following many months of intimidation and attacks in the Zapatista communities of Nuevo San Gregorio and Moisés Gandhi, a solidarity caravan, and later human rights delegation have visited the autonomous region to deliver aid, bear witness and denounce these terrorist acts to the world. Also the video short from the caravan here.

The Zapatista Tour, a Meeting of Rebels

As organizers converge in support of the arrival of the Zapatista/CNI delegation in Europe this summer, Raúl Zibechi suggests what it might mean for us to take up the challenge and respond in earnest to this historic event.

The EZLN and the Other Europe

Raul Romero reflects on the what the Zapatista project for emancipation has meant for the rest of the world, and as the EZLN delegations prepare to visit the Other Europe, he introduces the seeds of a new world emerging on the European continent.