Blogging for Chiapas

Marichuy to Mother Seeds: Sowing Seeds for Life

From the mountains of southeast Mexico to the Europe(s) below and to the left, the Zapatistas intend not only to carry the seeds of their stories, but to return home with new ones. In the spirit of the brave EZLN delegation and the seeds that they sow, this is an account of the seeds being sown in Chiapas — seeds of biodiversity, seeds of knowledge, seeds of food sovereignty, and seeds of solidarity.

Time and Zapatismo

So, how much time did the Zapatista communities take in discussing-deciding this wondrous initiative? 529 years? 500 years? 200 years? 111 years? 27 years?

CNI Members in Chilón, Chiapas are Intimidated With Rifles

By Chiapas Paralelo *Chilón is an indigenous municipality with a Tseltal population, where civilian armed groups operate. The Indigenous Governing Council in Chiapas repudiated the acts of violence and repression of the government and its paramilitary groups against members of the National Indigenous Congress (CNI) in the community of Cumbre Nachoj, now known as “Genaro Vázquez,” […]