Chiapas: Paramilitarism in the Counterinsurgency

Gilberto López y Rivas on the deepening of counterinsurgency tactics under the current administration. He was one of several panelists on the topic of violence in the Forum: From the Horror of War to Resistance for Life, held July 31 and August 1.

The War Against the Peoples of Chiapas

González Méndez vs. Mexico.

Hermann Bellinghausen, permanent envoy to Chiapas for La Jornada for over 20 years, testifies to the Inter-American Court on Human Rights about the responsibility of the State in the paramilitarization of Chiapas in those years which led to the forced disappearance of Antonio González Méndez, and so many others.

Organized Crime Takes Control of Mining Territory in Chiapas

In the last week of May, the deadly Sinaloa and CJNG Cartels ravaged the southern border of Chiapas in a dispute over territory. Residents were forcibly conscripted and threatened with their lives for four days before any State authorities intervened. While many factors are at play, this article fills in a few details of the history and allure of the region for these criminal players.

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