Statement from Schools for Chiapas On Stopping the War Against the Zapatista Communities

June 8th, in the Plaza de las Resistencias, San Cristobal de las Casas.

From the mountains and forests of the northwestern Turtle Island, to the Emerald Isle of Slumil K’ajemk’op, (Unsubmissive Ireland), to the coastal territories of Baja California and the borderlands, to the jungles and highlands of the Mexican southeast, we – Schools for Chiapas call for an immediate end to the state-sponsored war against the Zapatista communities. 

Over several years now, as observers first-hand and from a distance, we have witnessed the aggressions against Zapatista communities; we have seen the impacts of dispossession at the hands of paramilitary groups that operate just below the gaze of the federal and state authorities. We have watched how impunity for these violent acts is taken for granted over and over again. We have watched paramilitary groups grow more and more brazen in their attacks on our compañerxs. And we have watched how the policies of AMLO and the Morena administrations in Chiapas have exacerbated this violence. We have heard about the impacts that programs like Sembrando Vida have had in “sowing envy” and incentivizing dispossession. And we know that the 4T megaprojects of  “development” and death administration depend on this. 

On March 13th 2022, Zapatista communities called for and end to all of the capitalist wars and drew thousands of BAEZLN into the streets across Chiapas to denounce the war in Ukraine.

We demand an end of the violence against Zapatista communities,  respect for their autonomous territory, justice for our comrade Jorge Lopez Santiz, and an end to the genocide and ecocide projects taking place in Chiapas. We insist on the dismantling of the armed groups through which the war against the communities is active and growing.

As Schools for Chiapas we have organized in our Resistance Center – Sendas – in San Cristobal de las Casas presentations about violent attacks on Zapatista communities and seminars on the context in Chiapas. Today,  we join EZLN, CNI, Adherents to the Sixth Lacandon Declaration and human rights organizations in a call  for participation in actions and protests throughout the country and the world. We respond to this call by participating in protests that are taking place in San Cristobal de las Casas, Ireland and across the United States. 

Stop the war against the Zapatista peoples! 

If they touch one of us, 

they touch us all!

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