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History of a Zapatista Village

Subcomandante Marcos relates the tumultuous history of a finca by the name of Campo Grande that forms a quick summation of the history of the Chiapas indigenous in general, and not only Zapatistas. From the opening remarks to the third preparation meeting for the Other Campaign, held in Dolores Hidalgo, Chiapas on August 20, 2005.

The Ecology of the Zapatista Revolt

In the Ecology of the Zapatista Revolt, James D. Nations writes in Cultural Survival Quarterly about land and the Zapatistas from an ecological perspective. He argues that satisfying the needs of the indigenous and increasing the amount of land under cultivation will be possible only by taking land from the cattlemen to the west or […]

Three Zapatista-related maps of Chiapas

1. Map of Zapatista Caracols   2. Map of Areas of Conflict in 1994 3. Map of Zapatista Municipalities, circa 1998. Rebel Zapatista, autonomous and pluri-ethnic municipalities and territories (As mapped band CIEPAC) 1.- “Libertad de los Pueblos Maandas”; Headquarters: Santa Rosa El Copán; in Ocosingo 2.- “San Pedro Michoacán”; Headquarters: in La Realidad; in […]