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The Reconquest of Recuperated Land

The history of land ownership in Chiapas goes to the root of the Zapatista uprising. In this 2010 article, Mary Ann Tenuto explores the land conflict and the Zapatista struggle to hang on to their recuperated territories despite repeated assaults from government backed paramilitary forces.

The Zapatista Triumph: the Strength of Weakness

For 16 days in the year 2001, 23 EZLN comandantes—4 of them women— plus Subcomandante Marcos traveled through the cities and towns of 12 states representing ten million indigenous Mexicans. From its initial planning through to its culminating events, the march of those who are “the color of the earth,” have created a new political […]

Zapatista farmer

The Sustainable City Project Ruse in Chiapas

The Sustainable Rural Cities Project claims that it will reduce poverty in the Mexican state of Chiapas by relocating impoverished rural communities into centralized cities built by the state government. It is part of a larger neoliberal development plan, the Plan Puebla-Panama, that was initiated in 2001 with the stated goal of integrating and developing […]