Brecht in las cañadas

Defying the oppression of bad governments, organized crime and naysayers, art in Zapatista territory continues to liberate and elevate the struggle for life.

With a style and color that has come to define the Zapatista murals, Gustavo Chávez Pávon speaks of the building of a great art collective. Over the years, Schools for Chiapas has had the honor of participating in and supporting the the materials for several of Gustavo Chavez’s murals.

Women Made the EZLN Possible

We know of the vital role of women in Zapatismo, as military commanders during the insurrection, as creators of the groundbreaking Revolutionary Law of Women, and as community leaders. In this piece, Rosaluz Pérez Espinosa, who for many years worked closely with women in Zapatista communities, examines how the participation of women, grounded by their experience in the daily life of caring for their communities, shaped of the concept and practice of autonomy in Zapatista territory.

EZLN: Its first 30 years

Magdalena Gómez reports on the EZLN’s elaboration, at the recent anniversary celebration, of their latest proposal of lands belonging to no one and everyone, that is, “en común.”

The Bittersweet Taste of Reading El Capitán

It is in this affirmation that the sweet hope gathered by 30 years of struggle and resistance will be recharged, the sweetness of knowing that they are not alone, that we are not alone, that we are many outlaws, and that rage will be an engine for transformation, because they have shown it, and they have given us tools to know that in the world we know something better can exist.

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