On the Death of Jtatik Samuel Ruiz García

We post this historical communique for the 11th anniversary of jTatik Samuel Ruiz. “Don Samuel is gone, but many remain, many others who, within and because of the Catholic Christian faith, struggle for an earthly world that is more just, a freer, and a more democratic, that is, a better world.”

4T Counterinsurgency

By Raúl Zibechi Counterinsurgency strategies are flexible, adapting to every time and place, to each sector of the population to be fought. They behave differently in urban and rural areas, facing armed or peaceful actors, in every case deploying appropriate devices for each situation. Counterinsurgency strategies are many, as has been demonstrated over the last century in Latin America. They blend massacres and social programs, ferocious dictatorships that in one moment promote democratic openings, that are then reduced to calling elections. Modern counterinsurgency has only one objective: to crush those that are different, dispossess them of their territories, rebuild them …

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The EZLN and the Other Europe

Raul Romero reflects on the what the Zapatista project for emancipation has meant for the rest of the world, and as the EZLN delegations prepare to visit the Other Europe, he introduces the seeds of a new world emerging on the European continent.

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