CNTE, 43 years

Luis Hernández Navarro marks the anniversary of the formation of an institution of popular struggle for emancipatory education – the CNTE.

The CNTE is heir and keeper of the pedagogical work of great educators who forged rural education in the country, such as José Santos Valdés, Raúl Isidro Burgos and Isidro Castillo. It takes up the legacy of the communist and Cardenista teachers who promoted agrarian reform, the struggle against religious fanaticism and the organization of workers’ unions, and who were assassinated, impaled and disoriented by neo-Christians and landowners.

One Hundred Years of Normal Schools

Whitewashing the past, de-radicalizing it, polishing the sharpest edges of its emancipatory episodes has been a recurrent obsession of our modernizing elites. But, despite the endless repression agains rural normal schools and their students, as Luis Hernández Navarro points out, they are not going away.

The Struggle of Chiapas Normalistas to Survive: Expulsions, Less Money and Fewer Places

State police evicted and detained students from the rural normal school of Mactumactzá in Chiapas who were demanding the in-person application of their new entrance exam. All 95 students detained now face the crimes of rioting, gang membership, robbery with violence, damages and attacks on communication routes. Relatives, students and teachers marched to demand the release of the students.

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