It’s not the virus

By Hermann Bellinghausen The crisis of the virus is here to stay and leave sequelae. Its prevalence will be greater than the mere seasonal flu, and it foreshadows a time where viral infections and other new ills will rain more and more, and they won’t be as unpredictable as the governments, churches and media would have us believe.  As the quarantines and the resistances to it unfold, the returns to a new future, the need to come to terms with the idea of too many changes to daily life, one also acquires a perspective of the numbers of deaths, of …

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Indigenous of Aldama, Chiapas, between famine and gunfire

Text and Photos by Ángeles Mariscal ALDAMA, CHIAPAS —  On Manuela Sántiz Hernández, her thinness is a product of insufficient food. You can see it in her cheekbones and her body, it looks like that of an adolescent that has barely begun to develop. She is 24 years old and responsible for eight children. Three are hers and five were  from her mother-in-law, who died and left five small children orphaned.  They all lived in the community of Yetón, one of the 11 hamlets where 60 hectares of land are located that their aggressors from the municipality of Chenalhó try …

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