GM Corn and Imports: Mixed Signals

In a context of rising international corn prices derived from the reduction of supplies due to the war in Ukraine, rising food prices due to inflation, stagnation of domestic corn production, which has failed to recover the 28 million tons of 2016 and a record increase in imports that reached 17.4 million tons in 2021, it does not seem that the ban on imports of transgenic corn for human use can be complied with.

Seasons Greeetings

And Our Sincere Thanks to Susan and Peter We, dear compañer@s, compañeras, y compañeros, wish you all, the very best for this season and hope it can nourish the growth of the coming season. Over this past  year,  we have had to change everything about how we work and how we imagine our continued work in the future. In addition, the organization has come to an important crossroads, a transition, as some of our leadership steps back — Peter Brown and Susan Beattie — taking a much deserved retirement and leaving the legacy of 27 years of innovative solidarity in …

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The InterOceanic Corridor and the National-Popular Interest

The recycled mega-project of the Tehuantepec inter-oceanic corridor –whose origins lie in the regional development program of Ernesto Zedillo’s government, and whose distant origins lie in the damaging McLane-Ocampo Treaty (1859)– continues its slow but relentless advance, despite the opposition and resistance of multiple local, regional, national and international organizations and collectives that have exposed the serious damage that this monstrous project will cause to the environment, to the peoples who inhabit the disputed territories,  and to the whole socio-political-cultural fabric of the 33 municipalities of Veracruz, 46 of Oaxaca, 14 of Chiapas and five of Tabasco.

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