From Pain, from Rage, for Truth, for Justice

From Pain, from Rage, for Truth, for Justice. September 2015 Compañeras, compañeroas, and compañeros of the Sixth in Mexico and in the World: Sisters and brothers of the peoples of the Earth: Our collective heart knows, now as before, that our pain is not a sterile sorrow. It knows that our rage is not some useless venting. We, who are what we are, know that our pain and rage are birthed and nourished by lies and injustices. Because for those who are above at the cost of those of us below, lying is a way of doing politics and they …

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Galeano Vive! Online video premiere follows worldwide showings!

“Galeano Vive! Painting a Zapatista Teacher”, a 13 minute teaching video, is now available online in Spanish, English, Japanese and Greek for use by teachers, activists, and people-of-conscience everywhere. +++++ Español esta abajo ++++. Schools for Chiapas produced the video “Galeano Vive! Painting a Zapatista Teacher” as a way of honoring the fallen teacher and also as a tool for teaching and organizing. Please share with your family, friends, and collectives!

SEPT. 16 ~ Worldwide Video Debut: “Galeano Vive! Painting a Zapatista Teacher!”

GALEANO-Eng-week-smallerCelebrate Mexican Independence Day 2015 (Wednesday, September 16) by helping organize a local showing of the new, short teaching video entitled “Galeano Vive! Painting a Zapatista Teacher”.

The fast-paced, visually stunning video (available in Spanish and English ~ and perhaps additional languages) will teach about the assassinated Mayan rebel teacher Galeano while documenting the painting of an astounding mural deep in Zapatista territory. This dramatic artwork was painted by an international team of volunteers from twelve countries earlier this year and now lives on the walls of Galeano’s rebuilt school and clinic in the rain forest community of La Realidad, Chiapas, Mexico.

Please consider inviting a few friends to your home, school, or community center to see this video and to participate in a global event dedicated to justice, education, and peace.

Truth and Justice Will Never, Ever, Come from Above.

Para el texto original y otros idiomas dale click acás Zapatista Army for National Liberation Mexico August 16, 2015 To the National and International Sixth: To the National Indigenous Congress: To those below in the world: To whom it may concern: It is once again made clear that truth and justice will never, ever come from above. From above the only thing we can expect is pretense, deceit, impunity, and cynicism. The criminal above will always receive absolution and reward, because the one who judges him is the same one who pays him. They are the same, criminals and judges. …

Truth and Justice Will Never, Ever, Come from Above. READ MORE »

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