Fourteenth Part and Second Approach Alert: The (other) Rule of the Excluded Third

The meeting was a year ago. One early morning in November. It was cold. Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés arrived at the Captain’s chambers (yes, you are not wrong, by that time SupGaleano had already died, only his death had not been made public). The meeting with the bosses had ended late, and SubMoy took time to stop by and ask me about how I had progressed in the analysis that had to be presented the next day at the assembly. The moon was moving lazily towards its first quarter and the world population reached 8 billion. Three notes appeared in my notebook:

Critical Internationalism and the Struggles for Life

We flag this as an important work, albeit only available in Spanish…for now. It is available for free (Link in article.)

Gilberto López y Rivas shares this new anthology of writing. collective work has chapters by 19 authors in solidarity with the National Indigenous Congress (CNI) and the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN), and which are situated in “diverse territories, struggles and processes linked to the critical thinking necessary to face the global challenges of our time,” covering in its almost 600 pages, four thematic axes that interconnect and complement each other: 1) internationalism in the 21st century to transversalize struggles; 2) the importance of women in revolutionary processes; 3) another art, another culture and other means of communication, and 4) alternatives in the face of the global crisis, preceded by an introduction that announces songs of hope and realizable utopias.

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For nearly 30 years, we have walked beside these communities because they have stood by all of us in our humanity, our fragility and our struggle for a better world.

Whether it be in community literacy or in community health promotion, in support of women’s organizing or of sustainable collective economies we see that our work together matters.

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