New video: An Introduction to Zapatista Education


Check out the latest video in our Teach Chiapas series!

“An Introduction to Zapatista Education” is a short video for educators and students that offers a clear introduction to the Zapatista school system in Chiapas, Mexico.

In 8 minutes you’ll learn about:

  • Why the Zapatistas created their own community-controlled schools
  • How teachers are chosen and supported
  • Hands-on learning that focuses on social justice


  • First-person testimony from Zapatista teachers
  • Archival footage of schools recorded by Zapatista filmmakers


Zapatista sombrero on desk

Additional materials about Zapatista Education to accompany the video:



Get involved!

Since 1996, Schools for Chiapas has provided financial support for building Zapatista schools in Chiapas, Mexico. In addition, we have offered practical support for these alternative schools in the form of teacher workshops, teaching materials, and moral support. Without accepting any government or corporate funding, Schools for Chiapas has connected hundreds of small donors, especially teachers and students, from many countries in a concrete program of international solidarity and good will.

Please join us in working with the Zapatistas to make a new and better world by sending a Gift of Change in support of Zapatista schools in Chiapas, Mexico.

Zapatista girls and visitor

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