Neither Mother nor Wife. Indigenous Women in Amatenango del Valle Highlight the Bright and Dark Sides of Being Single

Indigenous women face discrimination on three levels, for being indigenous, for being women and for being poor. The Zapatista Women’s Revolutionary Laws of 1993 marked a major advance for the women living within the autonomous communities and had some level of influence in the wider community of indigenous women in Chiapas. Despite the predominant patriarchal discourse concerning gender stereotypes, indigenous women continue to empower and exert themselves. This article by Yessica Morales from Chiapas Paralelo looks at recent research into a tendency of indigenous women from Amatenango del Valle who choose not to marry and have children but prefer to be single and independent.

Mexico: Reflections on the Struggles of Zapatista Women. Feminists?

In this paper, Dr. Sylvia Marcos examines some key concepts of the struggles of Zapatista women and the challenges they present to global North geopolitical feminisms. “These struggles by Zapatista women focus simultaneously on their rights as women and on those they share in the defense of their land and territory. They are struggling against the dispossession caused by megaprojects and how these impact multiple communities and “indigenous” peoples, not only against their land, territory, but also against their epistemic particularities.”

Crime Rules Indigenous Areas of Chiapas, says Women’s Assembly

The assembly of the Women’s Movement for the Defense of Mother Earth and Our Territories reaffirmed its decision to articulate peoples, networks, collectives of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, the National Indigenous Congress and the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle against the imposition of megaprojects, violence, drug trafficking, prostitution and alcoholism.

From Rojava to Chiapas

In Rojava and in Zapatista Chiapas, emancipatory alternatives of a new kind are being built. They are not the only ones, there are others with their own ways and times. A new history is being built and we must learn to listen to it.

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