Pronouncement from the V Assembly of the Women’s Movement in Defense of Mother Earth and Our Territories

Women from 6 regions of Chiapas pronounce, “We have dignity and confidence that women, communities, neighborhoods and civil organizations will make and be a network to be able to confront this wave of systematic violence…Together and organized we will overcome.”

Schools for Chiapas is honored to be able to support these gatherings of women defenders of territory and life.

35 Femicides in State in 2023

Femicidal violence continues to be a major problem in Chiapas with most of the crimes remaining in impunity. Three femicides have already been registered in the state this year.

Women Made the EZLN Possible

We know of the vital role of women in Zapatismo, as military commanders during the insurrection, as creators of the groundbreaking Revolutionary Law of Women, and as community leaders. In this piece, Rosaluz Pérez Espinosa, who for many years worked closely with women in Zapatista communities, examines how the participation of women, grounded by their experience in the daily life of caring for their communities, shaped of the concept and practice of autonomy in Zapatista territory.

Women defenders of Mother Earth denounce that “organized crime has increased uncontrollably.”

“Gathered around a traditional altar of the Cho’l people, in the Palenque region, in the state of Chiapas, women from different latitudes gathered to share the contexts of our communities and territories. We met again with joy, sharing tenderness and hope, in spite of the bleak panorama we are currently experiencing….”

Schools for Chiapas is honored to contribute to this gathering of women defenders of community and territory.

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