The Mayor of Pantelhó Resigns, Accused of Links to Criminal Groups

By: Ángeles Mariscal Delia Janeth Velasco Flores, municipal president of Pantelhó, resigned her office amid protests from the population of that municipality, who accuse her and her husband, Raquel Trujillo Morales, the municipal president-elect, of co-participating in criminal groups linked to drug trafficking. Delia Janeth and the seven members of the municipal council presented their resignations at the request of the Chiapas government, official sources reported. In order to be effective, the resignation must be processed before the state Congress; this body has not received the resignation document, so she legally still occupies the position. The Chiapas Attorney General’s Office …

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Chiapas: Violence and Territory

Since the Zapatista uprising on January 1st 1994, the state of Chiapas has experienced various iterations of the poorly-named low-intensity warfare, or counter-insurgency, that combines anti-zapatista paramilitary violence ( with different political and social measures, including media blackouts, public assistance programs, and the instrumentalization of social organizations and political parties, all with the purpose of isolation and containment of the rebels.

Pantelhó Demands That the Mayor-elect and the Interim Mayor Resign

Municipal agents from 69 of the 85 communities in Pantelhó, the presidents of four ejidal commissions, representatives of different religious denominations and 3,000 inhabitants, according to the promoters, demanded the resignation of the interim mayor, Delia Yaneth Flores Velasco, and of the mayor-elect, Raquel Trujillo Morales, both belonging to the Partido de la Revolución Democrática (PRD).

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