Municipal Councils in Chiapas: Between Pacification of Municipalities and Intervention in Autonomous Processes

Almost three decades later, the municipalities are today once again in the throes of violence, but now with the aggravating factor of the presence of organized crime as new actors. For two decades now, criminal violence has entered the state and progressively taken over the municipalities. Its presence as a political actor in the territories has complicated the performance of electoral processes and public administration, but also undermines the autonomy of indigenous peoples, day by day penetrating deeper.

The mayor of Pantelhó is Impeached; Will Be Tried for Homicide

by Elio Henríquez San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chis.,  The plenary of the local Congress, acting as a procedural jury, approved the ruling to remove the jurisdiction of the municipal president of Pantelhó, Raquel Trujillo Morales, which will allow the State Attorney General’s Office to try him for homicide, the PRD mayor himself reported. Trujillo Morales said that the legislators impeached him Tuesday, but that he will defend his integrity and that of his family, and “will produce evidence of the persecution of which I am the target. First, I swear to God, I will return to my municipality with …

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