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Statement of the Committee of United Families of Chiapas Searching for Our Disappeared Migrants, “Junax Ko’tantik”

Since 2018, Melel Xojobal has recorded 2,144 cases of disappearances in Chiapas as opposed to the 1,476 reported by the State. Of the total cases, 40% have not been located. In 2022 Chiapas was in fourth place for the disappearance of children and adolescents. In the context of International Day of Victims of Forced Disappearance, Junax Ko’tatik, the Committee of United Families of Chiapas, Searching for Our Disappeared Migrants, released the following statement.

Tseltal Defenders from San Juan Cancuc Awaiting Appeal

”There is a pattern of criminalization against human rights defenders, who are usually accused of crimes they did not commit, arbitrarily detained, in several cases tortured, and their detention has been prolonged through the informal preventive detention” – Frayba.

Immediate Release for José Díaz Gómez, EZLN Support Base

We know that prisons are just another business of capitalism and that Mexican “justice” is characterized by impunity and the violation of human rights, and that it is only at the service of those who can buy it, but not for those who are poor and indigenous, for those who struggle and build alternatives for life are criminalized and their crimes are fabricated. Such is the case of José Díaz Gómez, support base of the EZLN, who has been unjustly imprisoned for 9 months…

United Nations Human Rights Office Recalls Killings and Disappearances of 46 Indigenous Human Rights Defenders in Mexico

“In Mexico, in addition to the structural challenges that have affected indigenous peoples, generating significant gaps regarding inequality, marginalization and access to their rights, indigenous peoples also face violence from different actors, including organized crime groups, who dispute the control of their territory. Leaders of these peoples are particularly exposed to reprisals or violent actions due to their visibility when defending their territory and way of life. Their assassinations or disappearances have a chilling effect on all indigenous people…”

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