Human Rights

United Nations Human Rights Office Recalls Killings and Disappearances of 46 Indigenous Human Rights Defenders in Mexico

“In Mexico, in addition to the structural challenges that have affected indigenous peoples, generating significant gaps regarding inequality, marginalization and access to their rights, indigenous peoples also face violence from different actors, including organized crime groups, who dispute the control of their territory. Leaders of these peoples are particularly exposed to reprisals or violent actions due to their visibility when defending their territory and way of life. Their assassinations or disappearances have a chilling effect on all indigenous people…”

The Dehumanization of the Immigrant and Political Warfare in the U.S.

Dehumanizing the other is a prior step to the violation of their human rights. The transformation of the immigrant experience into an abstract statistic, into a criminal act, into an excuse to manipulate or settle extraneous and extemporaneous political conflicts, are forms of this erasure of the human that entails violence. This is the current case of the migrant population, which has become a wild card in political struggles within the territory of the United States.

The War Against the Peoples of Chiapas

González Méndez vs. Mexico.

Hermann Bellinghausen, permanent envoy to Chiapas for La Jornada for over 20 years, testifies to the Inter-American Court on Human Rights about the responsibility of the State in the paramilitarization of Chiapas in those years which led to the forced disappearance of Antonio González Méndez, and so many others.

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