The Coveted Mineral That Threatens Life in Chiapas

This article was published in 2015 by Avispa Midia. While the article is nearly 8 years old, it describes well the politics and ethos of unabated extraction that drives the current dispossession and violence in the Mexican Southeast. Pushed by international interests, and restrictions on environmental protections, indigenous lands rich in biodiversity, water and other common goosds are being expropriated for …cell phones.

Extractivism Rhymes with Militarism

“Some very recent events on our continent represent a twist in the militarization of common goods, either legally or de facto, at the hands of governments and their armed forces, or “irregular” armed actors who roam freely when states allow them.” Raúl Zibechi examines trends in Latin American militarization, and their common goal.

And You, Where Were You?

Magdalena Gómez challenges the agencies of the State, the bureacracies and the self-satisfied liberal class in their rhetoric of democratic pluralism to ask: “And you, what have you done while the indigenous peoples were building autonomy?”

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