Ayotzinapa, Nine Years

A crime against humanity such as this one challenges both the State and society as a whole. It is an open wound that has not healed and that damages the country as a whole. For it to heal, the archives must be fully opened, the investigation must continue and justice must be done. Nine years later, the parents of the young people who disappeared in Iguala are our great civic heroes. Their tenacity, commitment and dignity are an example to follow.

Chiapas: Paramilitarism in the Counterinsurgency

Gilberto López y Rivas on the deepening of counterinsurgency tactics under the current administration. He was one of several panelists on the topic of violence in the Forum: From the Horror of War to Resistance for Life, held July 31 and August 1.

Postcards from the War. Part II

The war in Mexico finds a fundamental point in Chiapas. There a struggle is already being waged in which the peoples are betting on life with peace, justice and dignity. Zapatismo is an outpost of that struggle, that is why we must all demand a stop to the war against the Zapatista peoples, which is at the same time the cry for a stop to the war in Chiapas and in all of Mexico.

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights and Forced Disappearance

After nearly 25 years of impunity, the family of disappeared Zapatista Antonio González Mendez and Frayba bring a historical case against the Mexican state for the context of counterinsurgency that still reigns terror today. As Magdalena Gomez points out, it is not just about the case of one person, but about the essential precedent of recognizing the truth of the State’s role in these crimes.

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