Zapatismo Today and the Anticapitalist Struggle

Magdalena Gómez points to the historical precedents of the Zapatista tour in their previous initiatives, their catalyzing forces and effects. What impact, then, might the maritime delegation have in their voyage to visit old acquaintances?

Squadron 421: Zapatistas Sail Against the Grain of History

The Zapatista Army of National Liberation began a journey across the sea that goes in the opposite direction to that which the colonizers made 500 years ago. With the maritime delegation Squadron 421 they send messages of learning from their struggle and their history of building self-determination. This is an account of the farewell voyage, until they set sail.

A Tour from Below and on the Left

Raul Zibechi reminds us that the #GiraZapatista has long-standing precedent in Zapatista history. It’s time to connect our resistances globally through a politics from below and on the left.

The March of the Color of the Earth

It’s been 20 years since the March of the Color of the Earth, the Zapatista journey across 12 states that shook deep Mexico. Between the 24th of February and the 28th of March 2001, 24 rebels travelled 3 thousand kilometers of highway, filled plazas along the way and placed in the center of the political debate a radical dilemma: build a country for all or a nation for a few.

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