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A Tour from Below and on the Left

Raul Zibechi reminds us that the #GiraZapatista has long-standing precedent in Zapatista history. It’s time to connect our resistances globally through a politics from below and on the left.

The March of the Color of the Earth

Text: Luis Hernandez NavarroFeatured Photo: Luis Suaste of Regeneration Radio It’s been 20 years since the March of the Color of the Earth, the Zapatista journey across 12 states that shook deep Mexico. Between the 24th of February and the 28th of March 2001, 24 rebels travelled 3 thousand kilometers of highway, filled plazas along […]

From Rojava to Chiapas

In Rojava and in Zapatista Chiapas, emancipatory alternatives of a new kind are being built. They are not the only ones, there are others with their own ways and times. A new history is being built and we must learn to listen to it.