Europe of Below and Aldama, Chiapas

by Carlos Soledad* The state of Chiapas has become powder keg. On September 11, for example, members of the paramilitary organization ORCAO kidnapped the Zapatistas Sebastián Núñez Pérez and José Antonio Sánchez Juárez, autonomous authorities of the Good Government Council of Patria Nueva. The Zapatistas asserted in a communiqué that: If the conflict did not escalate into a tragedy, it was because of the intervention of progressive parish priests, human rights organizations and the mobilizations and denunciations that in Mexico and, especially, in Europe, were carried out. The case of the communities in the municipality of Magdalena Aldama, in the …

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Armed Attacks Intensify in Aldama, Chiapas

At least 47 armed aggressions were experienced in 72 hours by inhabitants of the indigenous municipality of Aldama, Chiapas in a simultaneous attack against 10 communities by an armed group that shot at them from the hamlet of Santa Marta, Chenalhó during the first days of November.

Communiqué from the People of Magdalena, Aldama, Chiapas

We are a people that lives under the hail of gunfire from armed paramilitary groups from Santa Martha in the municipality of Chenalhó, we are people of struggle and resistance. We are the seed of our Mayan ancestors. We are people. Whose blood, to this day, still runs in our veins. We are bats ‘i vinik-antsetik. We are Tsotsiles.

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