Spanish and Tsotsil Classes in Oventic Caracol

Spanish and Tsotsil Classes in Oventic Caracol

Study Spanish or Tsotsil (the Mayan language of the Chiapas Highlands) at the of the Zapatista Rebel Autonomous School Language Center in Caracol II, Oventic, which is an hour from San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas.

The Language Center is accepting applications for a new cycle of classes between May 8th and the end of August, 2023.

The Language Center is more than a place to study Spanish or Tzotzil, it is an approach to what Zapatista autonomy is. The classes are offered in a context of the reality of indigenous peoples in resistance.

See details in the graphs below and on the website of the Language Center.

Your contribution to classes and activities helps support the young Zapatistas who live and study in Oventic.

Write to us at so that we can send you an application.

Being Sexta Grietas del Norte, an organization based in the United States, we only accredit participants who reside in the United States and Canada. Others, please review the list of accrediting organizations on the Center’s website:

Please note that we must receive your application 2-3 weeks before the date you want to start the course.

The language center requires a letter of recommendation in pdf from a current or recent group or organization with which you have worked, detailing your character and qualifications for this program.

What is the language center?

“It is a space for exchange  between different peoples and cultures of the world. Learning Castillian (Spanish) or Tsotsil is a concrete form of this exchange as the classes are given in a context of the reality of the Zapatista peoples in resistance and rebellion, within one of their Caracoles, Caracol  II, Oventic, in the ESRAZ Secondary School. All of the activities are part of this educational-cultural exchange, in return for the economic support that the compas and brothers and sisters give to the Good Government Council. We do not treat language as merchandise, we do not sell it, but we share it with all who are open to this educational experience and who identify with our anti-capitalist strugglefor the defense of life and for a world where mant worlds fit.”

Zapatista Rebel Autonomous Center for Spanish and Mayan Languages (CELMRAZ)

Course Description

  • The courses at the Language Center last one week (Monday to Friday) with the option of extending your participation to two or three weeks. It is located one hour from San Cristóbal de Las Casas.
  • Students must present proof of complete vaccination against COVID-19.
  • Your contribution is based on the minimum salary of your country, the equivalent to four days of Tsotsil or three days of Spanish. It includes food, lodging, classes and other activities.

How to apply

  • Visit our webpage or our social media to access the application.
  • The Language Center requires a recommendation letter from a collective or organization in which the applicant participates or has participated, detailing their character and qualifications for this program.
  • Send your application and letter of recommendation to

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