Seven Homicides in One Day and AMLO Insists ”There Is Calm in Chiapas”

Three burned trucks

*Yesterday in Chiapas there were homicides, not related to these acts; but another kind. What happened is that three vehicles were burned and some placards that they had arrived, as usually happens, to impose order”, the President commented.

*Frontera Comalapa, Mazapa de Madero, Chicomuselo, Motozintla, La Concordia, Villacorzo, Villaflores and now Ángel Albino Corzo, is a corridor where members of rival organized crime groups have been fighting for control of the territory since July 2021, which has left a trail of murders, forced displacement of entire families and dozens of disappeared.

What is happening in Chiapas? was the question asked to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador during his morning press conference, due to the fact that armed civilian groups burned three cargo trucks on Monday morning on the Mazapa de Madero and Motozintla highway section, in the Frontera Comalapa region.

Next to the burning trucks, they left a narco banner with a message signed with the initials “CDS”. Likewise, they say that they arrived to “liberate” the “repressed people of Comalapa” from “the filth of the CJNG.”

While, in the community of La Independencia, one person was executed by that armed group and it was reported that one more was kidnapped.

Along with these actions, in the community of Revolución Mexicana, municipality of Villacorzo, a municipal police officer was taken away by a group of armed men.

”Yesterday in Chiapas there were homicides on the border, not related to these acts, another kind. What happened is that three vehicles were burned and some placards stating that they arrived, as usually happens, to impose order because the other group had subjugated the population and that they arrived to liberate the town, and they burned three vehicles”, López Obrador responded to the question.

And, in general, he indicated that Chiapas is one of the calmest states and with the fewest homicides. In addition, he pointed out that, in the towns where the original cultures are still preserved, there is less violence.

The more native cultures are manifested, expressed, conserved, preserved, the less violence, because where traditions, customs, language, community social organization are preserved, there is much more fraternity, solidarity, there is no theft, there are no attacks, there is no violence”, added the president.

Original article by Yessica Morales in Chiapas Paralelo at

Translated by Schools for Chiapas.

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