Lynching in the Heart of Chiapas: Tzotzil Community Burns a Man They Accused of Robbery

Silence has been imposed like a heavy stone for the residents of the municipality of Santiago El Pinar, in the heart of the southern state of Chiapas. One day after residents of the town, inhabited by Tzotzil Indians, arrested, tied up with wires, lynched and burned a 26 year old man in a bonfire, the authorities who have arrived in the area to investigate the crime have been met with absolute silence.

Luis, The Adolescent Who Tried To Reach The U.S. Three Times

The human face of the global migration catastrophe we are experiencing is often lost in a sea of statistics. The story of Guatemalan teenager Luis Us Chavéz gives us some insight into the factors that propel young people to leave their homelands in search of a better life and the hardships they face on their paths. Luis was one of the fifty-six people who died when a trailer carrying migrants overturned in Chiapas last year. Luis is just one of thousands of migrants who make their way through the state annually.

For over a year now and as part of a continued process of diversification of our solidarity work here in Mexico, Schools for Chiapas has been recruiting civil observers to work with Frayba. Some of those observers volunteer at a migrant center at Salto el Agua in Chiapas. If you would like to find out more about the nature of that work or even consider spending a month there, please visit our website for more information at

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