The Return of the Old Mole

Revolution is the old mole that digs deep into the soil of history and sometimes rears its head, said Karl Marx. As happened between 1983 and 1994, many of the transformations that the rebels have driven from below go unnoticed today. Sooner or later, that old mole will surface.

COP15: Agreement to Convert 30% of the Planet into Protected Areas Threatens Indigenous Peoples

While representatives of almost 200 countries and UN members celebrate the conclusion of the UN Conference on Biodiversity (COP15), held in Canada from December 7 to 19, with the adoption of the Kunming-Montreal pact, organizations claim that it represents a danger to the rights of indigenous peoples. The final agreement, which aims to convert 30% of the planet into protected areas by 2030, has been criticized by indigenous peoples and organizations such as Survival International, which has warned that, if this policy is adopted, it will become the largest land grab in history.

From Ricardo Flores Magón to Julian Assange (III and final)

With its singularities and in the era of cyberspace, the case of Julian Assange is intertwined with that of Flores Magón 100 years later, both being accused by the United States of espionage and sedition….As in the case of Flores Magón, the Assange case shows the use of the US and British judiciary to persecute, imprison and condemn rebels and critics of the system of capitalist domination. In both cases freedom of expression was criminalized.

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