What the Rapist and the Serial Killer Don’t Feel

Crimes like Gaza and Ayotzinapa, and their perpetrators, Zibechi warns, are the products of a capitalist pathology that destroys community. Our job in the resistance is to defend our relations and common spaces for the creation of something altogether different.


The 4th Assembly for Water and for Life was held in late March in Tlaxacala, at which more that 500 people from 300 indigenous communities of the Mexican territory as well as collectives and organizations from distinct geographies of Latin America and Europe were present.

The text of their common declaration elaborates a comprehensive view of the ills plaguing indigenous territories and the planet and details numerous plans of action in defense of life and “The Common.”

Here We Are. 30 Years of Revolution.

An analysis of changes within the Zapatista movement over the last thirty years, an interpretation of their recent proposal for a re-examination of how property is viewed (the common), and the implications for the movement and indigenous people looking to the future.

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