Aldama and the Neoliberal Project of Plunder

Just this morning, May 26th, we received messages from compañeros in the highlands of Chiapas that gunfire in the direction of the communities of Aldama has become more fierce over the past 4 days. In the municipality of Aldama, which includes the Zapatista support base community of Magdalena de La Paz, consistent paramilitary fire from the Santa Martha community in the neighboring municipality of Chenalhó threatens the lives and livelihoods of its residents.

29 Soldiers “Trapped” in Aldama, Due to Paramilitary Fire

By: Elio HenríquezFeatured Photo by: Carlos Ogaz Around 20 soldiers from the Base of Mixed Operations (BOM) had been trapped since 11 am on Friday in the community of Cocó, due to attacks from the paramilitary group in Santa Martha, Chenalhó municipality, Adolfo López Gómez, the mayor of Aldama, reported. “They can’t move because the shots from firearms are going directly at them and they are strongly attacking the trucks that travel from Xuxchén to San Pedro Cotzilnam,” he added, while clarifying that no injuries have been reported. He explained that at 2:12 pm yesterday (Friday, the 14th) “paramilitary groups …

29 Soldiers “Trapped” in Aldama, Due to Paramilitary Fire READ MORE »

A Voyage for Life

As the planet’s richest look to technology to “Jump Ship,” the Zapatista Voyage for Life is a committment to stay. If, in the discovery of America, we find the beginnings of capitalism, this voyage, in the opposite sense of the one made more than 500 years ago, will help to connect the struggles for life, those that build worlds with peace, justice, dignity, freedom and democracy. In the old world the horizon is now in sight.

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