Hugo Blanco, Campesino Leader and Former Deputy, Dies at 88 in Sweden

The son of the former politician confirmed that his father died in a hospital in the European country where he was hospitalized a few weeks ago.

Far from his homeland, but with his heart beating strongly for Peru, Hugo Blanco Galdós was battling illness in a hospital located in Sweden, but, in recent days his health had worsened. The outcome of his struggle became known on the afternoon of Sunday, June 25th, 2023.

Oscar Berglund, son of Hugo Blanco, did not give details of his death. However, he shared the publications of Twitter users, who dedicated heartfelt words after the departure of the ex-guerrilla and ex-politician. “Here’s a thread I put together about his life before he turned 88 last year”, Berglund wrote on his social network.

The international media outlet Desinformémonos also announced the death of Hugo Blanco, a former guerrilla who participated in the Constituent Assembly of 1978. Through a publication on Facebook, they reported on the death of the eternal fighter.

With a Bertolt Brecht poem, the foreign press reported what happened, but at the same time paid him a worthy tribute for his vast career as a politician and guerrilla fighter in Peru.

The Indispensable Ones

There are men who fight for a day and they are good

There are others who fight for a year and they are better

There are some who fight many years, and they are very good

But there are those who fight all their lives: these are the indispensable ones.

This poem by the German playwright and poet appeared on the social network Facebook, and is consistent with the hard work of Blanco Galdós as he walked along winding paths in Peru and Latin America.

A few weeks ago, his family confirmed that the former politician was in a hospital in Sweden, a country where he arrived to be treated by doctors and be close to his daughters and sons. It was learned that there he did not have access to the subsidized medical care of the social security system, which made the bill for his care grow daily.

“My father is in a hospital in Sweden receiving medical attention, but not being insured, his care is costing a lot of money. Any help will be appreciated”, wrote Oscar Berglund, Blanco’s son.

After this publication, people from different parts of the world wrote to give emotional support to the family; They also pledged to donate in crowns, Sweden’s currency. The goal was to raise three thousand crowns, for which people could give money anonymously or publicly.

“His daughters and sons are taking care of him, but we need the help of the international community to cover these expenses and be able to provide our father, who is ultimately a father and a symbolic ‘Tayta’ for many, with a dignified end of his days, without pain. and with quality of life”, his relatives wrote in the publication where those interested could deliver their donations online.

Reactions to Hugo Blanco´s Death 

After his passing, users of social networks showed their sadness; They also highlighted the social contribution of the ex-guerrilla and ex-politician. “Eternal glory to the eternal combatant. Fly high, Hugo Blanco Galdós; your legacy is ours”, “Rest in peace, teacher and social fighter Hugo Blanco; It really is a shame”, “Hugo Balnco, present! Now and always with your example we will overcome”.

Hugo Blanco´s Story

Hugo Blanco Galdós is originally from Cusco and traveled to Argentina at the age of 20. During that visit he was linked to the Trotskyist movement. Upon his return to Peru, he joined the ranks of the Revolutionary Workers’ Party (POR) in Lima. After participating in a demonstration against Richard Nixon’s visit to Peru, he moved to Cusco where he was a delegate of the Single Union of Newspaper Vendors.

Blanco was captured after shooting a civil guard, but was released during the government of General Juan Velasco Alvarado. He was exiled in Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Sweden. Upon his return to Peru, he participated in the Constituent Assembly of 1978 and was a deputy from 1980 to 1985. He returned to Parliament in 1990 again as a deputy for the United Left until the closing of Alberto Fujimori’s Congress.

In 2003, he suffered a cardiovascular attack that fostered the support of the French Revolutionary Communist League and other left-wing organizations that rallied to support him. In 2010, he toured Europe to highlight the struggle of the world’s indigenous peoples who defend nature. His eldest daughter, Carmen Blanco Valer, is an environmental leader.

Original article by Rafael Montoro at

Translated by Schools for Chiapas.

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