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Indian Peoples and the 4T (Fourth Transformation)

Giving more context to the Otomí occupation of the INPI, Luis Hernandez Navarro describes the unfortunate reality of the 4T’s “focus on the indigenous question” and the resulting “special attention” under the AMLO administration.

The Fall of Cristopher Columbus

October 12 (previously designated Columbus Day) marks a major shift in in consciousness that began decades ago, with the recovery of memory and the true Histories of America. Herman Bellinghausen tells the story, counterposing in with AMLO’s paternalistic and hipocritical rhetoric.

“Development” and Extraction: Water Scarcity in Chiapas

The colors of the May rains. How many greens can there be? The green of the grass reflected in the hanging dewdrops, the shadowy greens of the river cypresses, the purple green, the silent green of the pines, the dignity in the stillness of the fog that surrounds the scene; a mountain slope of conifers […]