Mandar Obedeciendo: La Ruptura del Cerco | Governing by Obeying: The Breaking of the Siege

Gilberto López y Rivas explores autonomy and the meaning of self-government according to the Zapatistas. Cada tanto surgen hombres y mujeres que piensan por los demás; que se rebelan para exigir tierra y libertad. (Apuntes del curso La Libertad según l@s Zapatistas) Every so often there are men and women who rise up to think for others; who rebel to demand land and freedom. (Notes from the course Freedom According to the The Zapatistas)

The EZLN and the Other Europe

Raul Romero reflects on the what the Zapatista project for emancipation has meant for the rest of the world, and as the EZLN delegations prepare to visit the Other Europe, he introduces the seeds of a new world emerging on the European continent.

¡Ya Basta! January 1st, 2021

It was 27 years ago today when a ragtag army of poorly-armed Mayan peasants — wearing their signature red masks and giving land to those who needed it — first shouted the famous Zapatista slogan of “YA BASTA – Enough is enough!
All donations to support the struggle will be doubled untill the 6th!

Water Forest Research 2019

The water forest effort looks to support campesino strategies for reforestation and water recovery in the Altos and Selva communities of the Chiapas.  This initial research marks our first step on the path toward finding solutions. Rosa Lopez Valentín presents a practical approach for community water recovery and recharge of water tables through the implementation of community nurseries. Nils McCune presents an outline of key concepts for the idea of reforestation-based water recovery as a practice in community water restoration. It proposes community knowledge as the foundation for the development of processes and curriculae in  soil conservation and reforestation.   

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