Connect with Schools for Chiapas at the NEA Conference!

Welcome to Schools for Chiapas, now offering free student-centered lesson plans and educational videos based in common sense and common core standards of global justice and human dignity. Join us in teaching about the Mayan peoples of Chiapas, Mexico, where community control and student’s needs always trump corporate power. Here are easy ways to connect, learn, and take action with us here at the 2014 NEA conference: 1. Watch our latest video: An Introduction to Zapatista Education:   2. Check out teacher resources: Explore our lesson plans and library 3. Visit us at our booth and enter the drawing! • July …

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New video: An Introduction to Zapatista Education

  Check out the latest video in our Teach Chiapas series! “An Introduction to Zapatista Education” is a short video for educators and students that offers a clear introduction to the Zapatista school system in Chiapas, Mexico. In 8 minutes you’ll learn about: Why the Zapatistas created their own community-controlled schools How teachers are chosen and supported Hands-on learning that focuses on social justice Featuring: First-person testimony from Zapatista teachers Archival footage of schools recorded by Zapatista filmmakers   Additional materials about Zapatista Education to accompany the video: Lesson plan: “Ourselves and Others: How We Learn” Article: “Autonomous Education in …

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Introducing the SFC Lesson Plan Resource

“The other education began in the hearts and thoughts of our communities.” (Zapatista education promoter) For almost two decades, Schools for Chiapas has been helping indigenous Zapatista communities to construct their autonomy, principally through supporting a range of education programs, and more specifically through providing materials for the construction of schools. Our aim has been to provide some of the foundations necessary for these communities to build schools where their children can learn about the richness of the culture and history of their Mayan heritage. While we were in the process of redesigning our website, we thought we would be …

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Entrance to the Zapatisa civilian center in La Realidad where the ambush took place in Chiapas, Mexico

Teacher dies defending Zapatista school; read his words.

The targeted assassination of a Zapatista teacher known as Galeano in Chiapas, Mexico has shocked and angered people around the world; we at Schools for Chiapas are equally horrified and are seeking to turn our outrage into action by publishing in English an actual educational evaluation made earlier this year by the fallen teacher Jose Luis Solís López (also known simply as Galeano). Below you will find and English translation of the transcription of a presentation given by Jose Luis Solís López (known as Galeano), the Zapatista promoter/teacher who was killed on May 1, 2014.  This document was originally  recorded …

Teacher dies defending Zapatista school; read his words. READ MORE »

Zapatista teacher killed in ambush at La Realidad, Chiapas, Mexico.

Zapatista teacher dead, 15 seriously wounded in deadly Chiapas ambush

Jose Luis Solís López, a teacher in the Zapatista’s “Little School” (La Escuelita) was targeted and murdered, and at least 15 Zapatistas seriously injured, in an ambush by members of an anti-Zapatista organization known as CIOAC-H on Friday, May 2, 2014. The same attackers damaged or destroyed both the autonomous Mayan school and the local health clinic at the Zapatista caracol of La Realidad.

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