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Indian Peoples and the 4T (Fourth Transformation)

Giving more context to the Otomí occupation of the INPI, Luis Hernandez Navarro describes the unfortunate reality of the 4T’s “focus on the indigenous question” and the resulting “special attention” under the AMLO administration.

Sun Tzu under the pillow

Raul Zibechi looks at the indigenous movements, the Zapatistas and others, through the wise words of 5th century warrior, Sun Tzu.

The Un- Renounceable Autonomy

By Ramón Vera Herrera Faced with regulations and unrealistic provisions of various levels of government, the communities, peoples and individuals that refer to themselves as part of the Network in Defense of Corn, just days ago released an urgent call to respect the autonomy of the communities and peoples and to block the advances of […]