Mother Seeds in Resistance

“During the last five centuries while our people have withstood suffering – enormous sufferings – our corn has allowed us to survive. Now our corn is suffering and we must give back to the corn what it has given us…we must help the corn withstand its suffering from the transgenic infections brought on by the greed of the transnational corporations and the bad governments. That way corn, and the people of the corn, will both be able to survive together.” – Tzotzil Maya Elder, Chiapas, Mexico

Zapatista corn

The Schools for Chiapas’ project Mother Seeds in Resistance is a community-based effort to save the native corn of the indigenous Maya peoples of Chiapas, Mexico. Today indigenous corns in Mexico are being infected by genetically-engineered corn. The magnitude of this horror (it is far more than a problem) for indigenous people is hard to explain to outsiders. Read this article for more information on the potential threats to our planet and to our health associated with gmo contamination.

Schools for Chiapas is working with Zapatista community in Chiapas, Mexico to design a program to identify and eradicate all GMO contaminations – a first for the world. Schools for Chiapas is raising funds for GMO test kits and providing training to implement this statewide program to protect and preserve Mayan heritage corn.

Holding the seeds of resistanceIn the spirit of farmers everywhere, the Zapatistas are giving their corn seed away free to interested growers everywhere to build sanctuaries of goodwill and of GMO-free Zapatista corn. In the U.S. you can order second and third generation Zapatista corn that has been grown in the U.S.; in exchange, we ask that you donate the price of one GMO test kit ($7.00) to help support the ongoing resistance to GMO contaminations.

Order your GE-free Zapatista corn today!