Mother Seeds in Resistance

Join us today in defense of seeds, autonomy and life! Seeds belong forever to the people!

Mother Seeds in Resistance / Sme’tsunubil ta shekel Yu’um is a project to bring diverse seeds to Zapatista families and communities in Chiapas, Mexico in their struggle for climate change resilience and COVID-19 survial.

Recipients agree to grow new seeds to share them with their neighbors and extended families.  Which is to say that Mother Seeds in Resistance is much more than another seed bank! Mother Seeds in Resistance is a decades-old education and organizing effort which strengthens traditions of seed sharing even as it invents new ways of doing so in indigenous and non-indigenous communities around the world.  For more detailed information visit Mother Seeds in Resistance.

At its heart, Mother Seeds in Resistance is a global lending library of living seeds, plants, trees, bulbs, rhizomes, cuttings, spores, and mycelium.  Your support as a volunteer or a donor sows a bountiful harvest, provides natural medicines, and protects endangered water sources.   There are a million ways to help – please join us!

Today please give a Gift of Change to Mother Seeds in Resistance/ Sme’tsunubil ta shekel Yu’um!




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