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Join us today in defense of seeds, autonomy and life! Seeds belong forever to the people!

Mother Seeds in Resistance / Sme’tsunubil ta shekel Yu’um is a collaboration with DESMI A.C. to provide a diversity of seeds to communities in  resistance in Chiapas, Mexico in their struggle for climate change resilience, nutrition, and overall well-being.

Mother Seeds is a living library of seeds in the hands of the communities whose scientific observations and ancestral knowledge will reproduce them.  Participants receiving the seed reproduce it to share with their neighbors and extended families, selecting for qualities that correspond to their climates. These millenary practices fortify traditions as they evolve and change in indigenous and non-indigenous communities around the world.  Read about Mother Seeds in Resistance here

Mother Seeds in Resistance revitalizes an effort begun by Zapatista communities 20 years ago to protect the germplasm of their corn by sowing it throughout the world.  In the face of threats posed by agribusiness and malignant legislation by the state,  this collaboration brings organic seeds full circle to multiply in the territories in resistance in Chiapas.

Your support of this vital project sows seed sovereignty and abundance in the hands of the resistance.

Please join us in giving a Gift of Change to Mother Seeds in Resistance/ Sme’tsunubil ta shekel Yu’um!



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