The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation – Key Player in Impunity in Mexico

San Cristóbal de Las Casas

August 14, 2023

Bulletin No. 18

The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation – Key Player in Impunity in Mexico

Justice and truth are pending issues for the Mexican Government, still a historical debt for lesser crimes against humanity committed in the decade of the nineties in Chiapas.

The State crime that was perpetrated on December 22nd, 1997, is an open wound known as the Acteal Massacre. Within this process there is a situation of other human rights violations such as the action of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), which refused to investigate the merits of the case and led to the release of a group of material authors, marking the lack of access to justice and recognition of the truth.

Derived from this active impunity, the increase in violence in the Chiapas Highlands area has currently been favored by the successors of paramilitaries who want to implement territorial control with the permissiveness of the three levels of government.

The foregoing also deepens situations of insecurity, through groups that use armed violence to control the territory. These facts occur with the collusion of officials and institutions involved in promoting the current context in which we find ourselves, with psychosocial impacts on the most vulnerable population such as girls, boys, adolescents, women and the elderly in the regions of The Highlands, but also in the Center, Jungle, Border and Coast of Chiapas.

The government authorities that have addressed the situation have relapsed into actions and agreements with groups that do not represent Las Abejas de Acteal Civil Society Organization (Las Abejas de Acteal), which has deepened the rupture of the social fabric in communities with a historical and current presence of the organization.

The Lekil Chapanel[1], will not arrive completely on the part of the Mexican State, for this reason we will not stop pointing out to the State bodies that are perpetrators, such as the SCJN, and now the government of the so-called Fourth Transformation that has continued with the counterinsurgency and non-recognition of the impunity perpetrated by previous governments paying for a perpetuity. Combating these forms of violence that have lacerated the peoples and communities in Chiapas is a duty for Justice and Peace in the violated territories.

We join the denunciation of Las Abejas de Acteal and their walk of dignity and persistent struggle for the exercise of their rights as a Tsotsil people, revindicated Memory, Truth, and Justice, construction of autonomy and peace; an example of the rebellious resistance that builds horizons of life.

[1] True justice in the Tsotsil language, implying recognition of the crime and forms of comprehensive reparation

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Translated by Schools for Chiapas.

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