Upcoming Trips to Chiapas, Mexico

Teacher delegates with Zapatista mural

Join us for the alternative travel experience of a lifetime in the misty mountains and steamy rainforests of the Mexican southeast.

Every Schools for Chiapas trip offers excellent opportunities for people of conscience to meet and personally interact with the contemporary Zapatistas of Chiapas, Mexico. Your trip fees help support Schools for Chiapas and Zapatista educational programs in literacy, health, ecology, women’s empowerment and local production. No special language skills are required, as full translations are always provided collectively. Click here to begin a travel application. For Frequently Asked Questions related to Schools for Chiapas travel programsclick here.

We currently have the following trips scheduled:

Mural Painting I Summer 2019:  July 7 to July 13, 2019

Mural Painting II Summer 2019: July 14 to July 20, 2019

Don’t see a trip scheduled for your date of travel or area of interest?

We are especially responsive to groups wishing to schedule a trip. Because there are many details to work out in advance (and we are working in the imperfect reality of Chiapas – many things that can shift and change) we usually publish a detailed itinerary a few months before a trip is to begin. If you wish to travel with us, but your dates of travel are further in the future (or just different) than our currently scheduled trips, please consult the calendar below for a rough idea of likely upcoming travel opportunities with Schools for Chiapas. Or contact us directly to discuss your travel plans, at info@schoolsforchiapas.org. We also invite you (and 3 or more of your friends) to design your own Zapatista travel experience.  Click here to begin your special delegation application.

A typical year of planned travel:

December/January:  Come celebrate the New Years’ Jan 1 anniversary of the Zapatista uprising in an autonomous Mayan center.

February: Early spring delegations in the past have included trips for musicians interested in making music with secondary students and clowns who want to engage communities with their performances. We have also sponsored trips focused on productive projects, including women’s cooperatives, with an emphasis on supporting the commercial aspects of the Zapatista movement.

March/April: Alternative Spring Break, designed with the university students in mind, but anyone is welcome to join! Come to Chiapas to meet the Zapatistas and see a whole new side of Mexico. You will have the opportunity to live and work alongside the indigenous Zapatista communities, an experience that can change your life. You tell us the dates of your spring break and we’ll work from there. To learn more about university travel programs or request a video on a recent university trip to Chiapas, click here.

June/July/August: Summer trips are abundant and diverse, and many are specifically designed for educators and students interested in learning about the autonomous education system or medical personnel interested in the organization of Zapatista health services. Service trips allow delegates to get their hands dirty helping out with a number of different projects, like building schools, planting trees, picking coffee or painting murals. We end the summer season celebrating the anniversary of the Juntas de Buen Gobierno (the civilian government of the Zapatistas) on August 10th.

October:  Come celebrate Day of the Dead in Chiapas.