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Schools for Chiapas encourages families, classes, collectives, and organizations visit the Zapatistas together by designing their own trip to Chiapas. Kids of all ages have a wonderful time in the autonomous, Mayan communities of Chiapas, Mexico.

We have now organized over 100 delegations to Chiapas and some of the most rewarding experiences have been with groups who specially planned their trip together. Your group can participate in a construction project, paint a mural and work in a hospital, or harvest coffee, corn or cacao. The possibilities are almost endless in a customized trip.

Creating a specially designed travel plan allows for maximum flexibility regarding living conditions, focus of meetings, transportation, timing, and group activities. Schools for Chiapas can provide rustic-style camping trips directly in Zapatista communities or city-based travel from comfortable hotels in modern vans. Our base cost for delegations of four or more people is two weeks of the minimum wage of your country per person; however city-based trips and trips involving substantial travel can be more expensive. We will do our best to work with you to design something that meets your needs and resources.

Click here to begin an application for a customized trip to Chiapas with your family, friends, or co-workers.


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