Educational Travel Programs

Swimming in a jungle waterfall

Click here to see upcoming travel opportunities Most Schools for Chiapas trips involve rustic living in breathtakingly beautiful locations with interesting and involved people from many countries. Occasionally and upon request, we also sponsor caravans and delegations based out of comfortable hotels in colonial cities near indigenous communities. No special language skills are required as full translations are always provided collectively.

Types of travel programs


Schools for Chiapas hosts a variety of ecological adventure delegations, study trips, and service work programs for families, friends, students, and political activists into the civilian centers of the Mayan Zapatista communities of Chiapas, Mexico. Each Schools for Chiapas trip provides an excellent opportunity to meet and personally interact with contemporary Zapatista community members. Your trip fees help support Zapatista educational programs in literacy, health, ecology, women’s empowerment and commercialization. No special language skills are required as full translations are always provided collectively.

You are invited to live and learn in autonomous, indigenous communities in the cloud forest highlands and tropical jungles of the Mexican southeast. These vibrant Zapatista communities and civilian centers will welcome you with warm and open hearts.

Specialty Trips: Schools for Chiapas also organizes study trips, work delegations and activists’ caravans for community, labor, high school, university, church, and specific interest groups. Since 1994, Schools for Chiapas has organized more than a 100 trips involving thousands of people from more than thirty countries to Mayan locations throughout the state of Chiapas.

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University and College Travel Programs: SFC offers unique travel programs for universities, professors, alumni and students wishing to travel in Chiapas, Mexico. We organize school building programs in Mayan communities, mural painting experiences, colonial city seminars based in beautiful hotels, cultural immersions in startlingly beautiful indigenous villages, and ever popular archeological explorations of astounding ancient cities of the Mayan peoples. After 20 years of work with colleges and universities, SFC offers personalized planning and flawless logistics for individual travelers and institutional travel programs. Click here for a free video about a university trip to Chiapas.

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